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Welcome to my Baseball Mom Stuff page where it’s all about items for baseball and softball parents. There are links and reviews on must-have baseball items and other baseball needs, gift ideas, as well as blogs on funny and interesting baseball stories. Please visit my Must Have Stuff page for baseball items that you should never leave home without. I also have a Gift Ideas section and a Blogs section where I talk about all-things-baseball.




My name is Shannon, I’m a baseball mom to two boys, and I have been living and breathing baseball since my eldest son was 3-years old. It’s really been an awesome journey. It’s a good thing my dad taught me to love the game of baseball or this ride may have been pretty long and tedious. That’s the thing with baseball…some people love it, and some people hate it. I am one of the baseball lovers.

I’ve been the team mom for multiple teams and different sports, and I was the treasurer for my son’s travel team (yes, they let me handle money).  I’ve also been involved in many fundraising events. I have a little knowledge about what kind of items and accessories that are must-haves, and just cool or cute things you might like relating to baseball and softball, including league ball, travel ball, and also other sports parent stuff.  I played some softball back in the day, as well…back when my knees worked and I thought I had a really good arm.  I still love to throw the ball around with my boys and I hate to miss a game.

I hope you enjoy my baseball blog and please feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like.


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  1. James Saxon

    Hi Shannon. Your blog is bursting with energy and youthful appeal. The reader can sense a dynamic personality at work here. No doubt you are going to build an empire. You are also the prettiest baseball mom I ever saw.

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