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Are You an Overbearing Baseball Mom?

Are You an Overbearing Baseball Mom?


woman yelling

No one wants to be that Mom, AmIright? The one who yells out commands to her kid throughout the whole game? You know exactly who I’m talking about. She’s the one who’s kid is rolling his eyes out on the field. Her kid probably turns around and gives her a dirty look when he or she is up to bat and Mom’s chirping in with some last-minute, super-critical instructions.

You know her because you’ve probably been her at one time, or maybe all the time.

And even if you haven’t been her, you know someone who has because it can be a rampant disease. Sometimes the nagging is so cringeworthy that you can’t sit near her. Especially when she has that voice that’s like a spinal tap.

I’ve been “that mom”. Oh yes. Even after I cut way down on doing it, on occasion “that mom” still roared it’s ugly head in me and I couldn’t help myself. Only my kid’s annoyance made me snap back into shape. 

But do you know what really made me stop? Hearing my voice on a video. Yep, that did it. That sound. I can still hear my words ringing in my ears. “Stay back! Stop lunging!” I hear it in my nightmares.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but there’s no point in yelling out commands when your kid’s in the game. All it really does is make him more nervous and annoyed. The key to encouraging good, solid play is to get them to practice. Do whatever you can behind the scenes whether it’s taking them to the batting cage, throwing with them, getting a batting practice net, etc.

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According this this article from The Independent, having overbearing, controlling parents can cause lifelong psychological damage. The study followed people from the 1940’s to the present day and found that those people had lower scores in happiness and well-being.

Chances are that you’re not at the level of being overbearing, but I’m just putting it out there so you can evaluate and see if what you’re doing qualifies for “that mom” status.

You mean well, right? You’re just trying to help. I get it…me too! But after going through this and now having a high school player, I’ve learned my lesson. And talking to your high schooler during a game is a big NO NO. All you do at those games is cheer. It’s super embarrassing for both the parent and the kid so don’t do it.

The mom in this video probably wasn't too happy when she heard her voice.

mom and son playing catch

It’s the coach’s job to instruct the kids on the field and personally, I like to see them doing their job without parents’ interference. If you really want to be a good sports parent, it’s your job to help them off the field with all of the extra stuff. It’s Mom’s job to love them and be there for them to cheer when they win, and hug them when they lose or have a tough game.

And, as you my have yelled out at your kid before, “Do your job”.  😀

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