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15 Coolest Baseball Parent Products

15 Coolest Baseball Parent Products


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There are certain items that are necessities for baseball parents and sports parents in general. I’ve been doing this for 14 years now, so I’ve collected some mental notes on what are some of the coolest products to have at games and tournaments. New products are coming out all the time, so I imagine I’ll be updating this regularly. Also, let me know if there are any gadgets or products that you think should be included.


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This is one of my favorite items for baseball games and it is ingenious. I’m not sure why they didn’t think of this sooner, but here it is. There are bleachers at almost every game and sometimes it’s hot, so an umbrella holder is a great thing to have.


 sport brella

I have one of these and I absolutely love it. I love that it has the side flaps and it’s huge so it covers 2 or 3 of us, and it has windows you can open to allow the wind to go through. It’s very heavy-duty, super high-quality, and it’s also awesome for the beach. It’s great if you’re using low chairs and you can just lay it behind you on the ground. I highly recommend it.


sports wagon


Is there any sports parent who doesn’t haul a bunch of crap to the games? I don’t know any. Having a wagon like this one is a great way to save trips to the car and save your back. I’ve even seen little ones napping in these. The all-terrain wheels make this a perfect choice to take to games, over grass, and to the beach.


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game warmer bleacher seat warmer


I recently found this stadium seat warmer and I hate being cold, so it will be mine! This is awesome because it can be recharged and will last you over three hours of game time.


rtic 20 white cooler


It’s is on my Christmas list this year and I’ve wanted one for a couple of years now. This cooler keeps drinks cold for days and it’s super heavy duty. You’ll never need to buy another cooler, and it looks pretty cool, too.


my heart is on the field baseball blanket


Don’t you hate being cold? Warm up with this blanket that wraps around you and shows off your kid’s name on your back. This is so cute!


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mr heater


Did I mention I hate being cold? I definitely need a heater if my kids are going to be playing fall ball, football, or if I have to be outside for any reason. Seriously, these portable heaters are the bomb.


ventura reclining chair


This is my favorite bleacher chair by far. It is so comfortable and it allows you to lean back with extra reclining positions. Need to carry it out? It folds flat and has backpack straps for easy travelling. Two thumbs up.

KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Power Bank


I love to take pictures with my phone and I’m on it a lot at the games, so my battery always goes dead. I have this exact phone charging battery and it lasts forever. I can get 5 or 6 charges out of it before I have to recharge it. Well worth having.








iphone tripod


Taking pictures through the fence is a breeze with this phone tripod, and it even has a remote.

yeti stainless steel tumbler


Most sports parents need their morning coffee for those early morning games just to wake up. Yeti products are amazing and this is the best tumbler I’ve seen for your coffee. Click here to see all the features.

ScoreSign Portable Baseball/Softball Scoreboard


Not only is this a great thing to have when there are no scoreboards at the game, but you can keep siblings busy changing the score. They love to do it!

Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor


If you have a standard umbrella, this is a must-have accessory to keep it sturdy if you’re in grass or dirt. It also works great in the sand. We’ve been to some windy tournaments, and our regular umbrella is always very sturdy when it’s held by this anchor.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


It’s fun to have music at the games and this speaker sounds killer. It’s rehargeable and the battery supports up to 12 hours of play time. My son has this and he loves it and takes it everywhere he goes.

Deluxe XL Outdoor Club Chair in Navy Blue


If you haven’t tried this chair and you do try it, you may not be able to go back. I’ve seen a few dads fall asleep in one of these because it’s SOOOOO comfortable.

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