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Baseball Withdrawal

Baseball Withdrawal


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For anyone who’s missing your kids’ baseball games, I feel you. Even though we play year-round, it just doesn’t seem the same when the tournaments are spread out and it’s cold. I’m ready to put my flip flops & shorts back on and kick back in my baseball mom chair for some hot baseball games.


I’ve been having days when I don’t miss it at all and then some days when I think about it off and on all day. Don’t get me wrong, I like having some time to get my Christmas shopping done and do other things on the weekends, but I’m still missing my baseball people. And I’m missing warm weather! More than anything though, I just miss the baseball. I miss the games and settling into a rhythm of being at them every weekend.


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It’s been fun to watch my son play football and he’s now starting wrestling. I’m meeting all these new parents and they’re all really great, but I miss my baseball family and hanging out after our tournament games. There seems to be no hanging out in this chilly weather. We had football games and went home. I want a slight suntan and a cold beer with my baseball mom buddies.


Hanging out with the moms and dads who’ve been my family for the past few years is like a comforting, cozy blanket. We know each other and we love each other’s kids. Our boys would probably be sleeping over after the games, but my son is hanging out with school friends these days.


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Even though I hate getting up early, I’m missing those early 7:00 call times and having coffee out on the field while the kids warm up. Watching the boys get the first-game jitters out and playing back-to-back games on the weekend is what life’s all about…at least for our family it is.


baseball fans in blanketsHanging out at a baseball game wrapped in blankets is not my idea of fun. I love it that I’m watching my boys play, but I have to say that I’ve been wanting the games to be over quick since my feet are frozen. I also love watching basketball and football on TV, but I’d much rather be out at the field eating seeds and cheering for my kids.


There’s just something about baseball that keeps us addicted and longing for those games. I wonder if my son is craving it at all. He seems to be able to move right on to the next thing and he hasn’t expressed his feelings about it. 


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I find myself online endlessly looking for baseball products for Christmas, and for when Spring rolls around and I need something new to wear. People would probably think I’m a nut, but you understand, right?


I’ve been wearing my baseball mom sweatshirt anyway. And the good thing is that there are a bunch of sales going on for tank tops, flip flops, T-shirts, baseball gear, and outdoorsy stuff that I might need. I will be totally ready with my new outfit by the time tournament season starts up again.


Do you have baseball withdrawal?


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