A Baseball Mom’s New Year’s Resolution

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Almost every year I, like most people, have a New Year’s resolution that’s something like, “Lose some belly fat”, or “Pick up a new hobby”. Those are wonderful (if you stick to them) but I was thinking this year I want to do something, not for myself, but for my boys.


I think I’ve been a pretty decent baseball mom over the years. I’ve encouraged them, driven them all over Southern California for baseball whatever, and cleaned their gross baseball socks and pants. I’ve also done my share of nagging and giving “suggestions”. At least that’s what I call them. They call them more nagging.


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This coming year, I’m going to curb the suggestions and let THEM DO THEM. Sometimes I just forget that they already know everything, and I attempt to infuse my years and years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom into our conversations. Well, that’s SO last year. For 2018, it’s a new me.



I will still cheer at their games, but there will be no more, “Stay back on it!”, or “Full swing!”. Those are stupid anyway because those are things you should work on at practice or the batting cages, and it’s not like they’re listening to me anyway (remember, they know everything).


I’m going to be the model all baseball moms will want to follow. In fact, they may have to award me “Baseball Mom of the Year” with all of the restraint I’m going to be employing at the games.


hands clappingNot one, “Use your legs!”, or “Glove down!” will escape these lips. In fact, I’ve been thinking that there will no vocalizing at all; just clapping this season. I will even use the clap they use at the ballet…one of those half-handed claps so I can be even more classy and refined in my baseball Mom-ness.


Yes, that’s right. I’m going to be a whole new Mom this year at my sons’ baseball games. Even the umpires are going to love me. They won’t hear a peep about bad calls, blindness, or being asleep. There will be no yelling out about how the umpire is missing a good game or loudly whispering, “He must have pizza and beer he needs to get home to.”


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My kids are going to be so shocked. What will we even talk about after the games? Certainly not baseball. I won’t even bring up that they have weekend homework that needs to get done. They will be thinking to themselves, “Wow, Mom’s so cool now. I’m so lucky to have her because she’s just so awesome.”





Yep, it’ll be the new me. Baseball Mom of the Century. I should probably wear a halo to the games because I’ll just be so angelic and saint-like.




Oh, who am I kidding? My New Year’s resolution is going to back to the gym.


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