35 of the Funniest Baseball Kid Pics

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These funny tee ball photos and funny baseball kid pics are sure to make your day. Sometimes it’s the faces they make and sometimes it’s just what they’re doing that’s hilarious, but we should definitely take the time to relish in the joy of the game, and how funny kids can be!

I bet he won’t drink so much before the next game

baseball kid has to pee

Prepped and ready!

kid prepping for baseball play


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Gotta appreciate a great hit.

appreciating a good hit

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

kid with escaping hot dog

“OMG, OMG, OMG, I got a ball.”

crying from happiness over baseball

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Ummm…you’re doing it wrong.

boy covering his face for a fly ball

Practicing my umpire stance.

Practicing my umpire stance

“Not Fair!”

boy crying at baseball game

“I got it!” “No, I got it!” “No, I got it…”

tee ball players converging on ball

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“I’m having the best time ever!”

baseball runner with funny faceThe little girl in pink’s like, “I got this.” And, what’s the girl at the bottom thinking about?

man getting hit in face with bat at game

“I like dirt!”
playing with dirt on the baseball field

Just a little inside.

boy hit in nuts with baseball

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“I found a clover, what did you find?”

baseball kids picking grassThis is not gonna end well.toddlers playing baseball

Dude, I think you need a bigger size.

split baseball pants“Okay everyone make mud angels!”playing baseball in the mud

“Is this almost over yet?”

kid playing with grass during game

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“I’m not having ANY fun.”boy crying at baseball gameI think you’re supposed to keep your eyes OPEN.

young player getting hit in face with grounder

Is that kid back there taking a nap?baseball player lying down“Coach, I think I need to come out.”


“I’m just gonna stand over here ALL DAY!”


“Of course I’m not afraid of the ball.”crazy kid baseball stance

Mom: “Can we retake this photo? His hands were wrong.”

creepy baseball kid team photo

“Excuse me, could you just move your elbow a little to the left?”baseball team celebrating

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“That foul ball was MINE!”

u_mad_bro_young_giants_fan_pouts_big_time_over_foul_ballWait, where’s she going?

girl in outfield runs the wrong wayThat’s gonna leave a mark.

boy getting hit in the face with baseball“Look how limber I am!”

bad slide

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“This is my ‘win’ face.”

sad baseball boy

“Baseball is SOOOOOO boring.”

young baseball player yawning

I’m gonna say she’s out…premature baseball slide

“Hold up, I just need to Snapchat this.”boy being blocked from bat in face

His mom’s gonna be so proudyoung baseball fan flipping the bird


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