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Band of Baseball Brothers

Band of Baseball Brothers



I’ve observed something interesting about my son and his baseball teammates. There’s a very special bond that they have, unlike any bond I see with other friends such as classmates and neighbor kids.


I guess it’s because they’ve been through battles with each other. They win and lose together and learn together. All of these things have made them close, and made them trust each other. I can see these guys staying friends for life.


They sit in the dugout together and see each other’s successes and failures, and are there to help each other through them. They get lectured together about the things they need to improve on. At these times, they see each other at their best and at their worst. They get injured together and heal together. These struggles have made them all stronger together.


They learn to be leaders together and all of the other life skills that you learn by being part of a team. They learn respect for their mentors together and respect for each other.


They drive to games together, fall asleep in the car together, eat together, cheer together, and cry together. They accept trophies, medals, and rings together, and also accept defeat and disappointment together. They practice the same drills over and over together, and only they understand exactly how that feels.


They go to the beach together, build forts together, play video games together, and ride skateboards together. They sleep over at each other’s houses and talk about things that none of us know about.


They have grown up and become fine young men together. I love them all, but not nearly as much as they love each other. I envy those friendships. They can argue one minute and eat ice cream together the next.


I love knowing that they are friends like this. It makes me just as happy as they are. 🙂


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