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Best Shade Umbrellas for Baseball Games

Best Shade Umbrellas for Baseball Games


I have found that even if you don’t think it’s going to be hot…IT WILL BE HOT, and you should always bring a sports shade umbrella just in case. I have a few to show you that I like:


ez shade umbrella

I love this ezShade umbrella because it also comes with an additional sunshield for the umbrella that you can add for when the sun is coming in at an angle. You can even buy extra sunshields (sold separately) to add on to make a nice canopy. The EZShade is a super popular sports event umbrella and I see a lot of families with this one.


sport brellaThis Sport-Brella umbrella is also a very nice choice, especially if you have low beach chairs. It has flaps on the side to protect you from those side sun angles, and a pointed shaft so you can set it in the ground. This is one of my favorite portable sun shade umbrellas.


coleman shade shelter

This Coleman Shade Shelter is nice for when you have little ones who are with you at the games, especially babies who need to nap. It’s a perfect spot for you to get shade and protect the kids from the sun, and it has two zippered doors so it can be completely closed and used as a changing room. It also has four hanging storage pockets inside. Easy to set up and lightweight to carry, it’s an awesome portable sun shade tent.


etsy baseball bedding banner


chair umbrella

This chair umbrella is a nice, lightweight option for a single-user. It has a universal clamp which connects to most surfaces and, and swivels on two push-button hinges for easy adjustment. Folds up nicely into its own carry bag. A clamp on chair sun umbrella is a really convenient way for a single person to stay shaded.


beach baby pop up shade tentIf you have to bring the babies out to the games, it’s great to have one of these small pop-up baby beach tents so you can get them out of the sun.






heavy duty umbrella anchorsDo yourself a huge favor and get one of these heavy-duty umbrella anchors. This is one of the best things I ever bought for my sports supplies. This anchor for a shade umbrella is super easy to twist down into grass or dirt and it holds your umbrella like a champ even in the wind. Get one!




umbrella standThis is another type of umbrella stand that pushes into grass or dirt. It has slots for two umbrella positions, and spaces to step on it to push it into the ground. It also has set screws.






umbrella stand table

This umbrella stand table works with the umbrella stand above and gives you a place to put your drinks and snacks. It’s quite a creative idea to make things easier at the fields.






hard surface portable umbrellaIf you are frequently at fields that have a hard surface and you need an umbrella stand for concrete or tar, you may need to get one of these tripod stand umbrellas. This one is high-quality, has a tilting elbow for adjusting the angle, and comes with a carry bag & stakes. Some of the reviewers say that this one even holds up pretty well in wind.



umbrella buddy image

This is a fairly new item and I have to ask, “Why didn’t they think of this before?” This Bench Buddy clamps right onto the bleachers and holds your umbrella so you don’t have to. Awesome!



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  1. Tar

    Some great equipment you have here. The anchors look like drilling equipment which is used to dig roads and hard surfaces.

    On the umbrella stand, what is the best way to let it stand on a hard surface since the standings have sharp edges where a screw is required?

    The Coleman Shade Shelter looks like a tent to me. I don’t think it’s required for ones who don’t have kids, yes?

    1. admin

      Hi Tar. The one I use personally is the heavy-duty umbrella anchor because it holds so well. I have some friends that use the umbrella stand type, but that one also goes into dirt, sand, or grass. You’ve given me an idea to add another type of stand that works on hard surfaces. Stay tuned for that and thanks for visiting my page! 🙂

  2. David

    Wow, I did not know that there were such impressive umbrellas! I really like the Sport-Brella. that will make my days at the ballpark so much better. I will also need one of the heavy duty umbrella anchors. That will prevent me from having to chase my umbrella down when the wind is blowing!

    1. admin

      Hi David,

      I just used my heavy duty anchor yesterday at a baseball tournament, and as usual, it worked great. There was even a breeze and it held like a champ. Thanks for visiting my page. 🙂

  3. Cathy

    What a fascinating review for different umbrella shades. I have never used any before, but am particularly interested in the personal pop up tent for my other outdoor activity.

    What’s the dimension and size like? How many adults can it fit? Does it tumble easily due to its light weightiness? It would be helpful to know. Thanks.

    1. admin

      Hi Cathy. Unfortunately, Amazon has discontinued that particular pop up tent so I have replaced it on my page with a pop-up baby tent. You can find that one on other sites with the same clear sides for sports viewing. Thanks for visiting my page! 🙂

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