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Bleacher chairs

Bleacher chairs


Bleacher chairs

I highly recommend getting yourself a bleacher chair to save your back and your tailbone, because you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting through those wonderful baseball and softball games. I’ve listed some nice options for the best stadium chairs for bleachers below:

Ventura reclining seat bleacher chair


I have found that this Ventura reclining seat is the most comfortable, and can be used in almost any type of bleacher or concrete step environment. It is very padded on the bottom to protect those buns from the hours of sitting you’ll be doing at the games. It also allows you to lean back without falling backwards. It is also available in multiple colors, folds flat, and has adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps for easy transport.


deluxe blue bleacher chair


Some people prefer this type of Deluxe bleacher chair because it’s heavy-duty and it comes in several colors. This chair has a foldable hook on the bottom that latches onto bleachers so you don’t fall back. If you’re looking for a chair that will last for years, this is the one.


etsy tank top banner


bleacher chair two packIf you’re going to need two bleacher chairs, this bleacher chair two-pack is a great deal for chairs that have removable pads, cell phone holders, and drink holders. They also have shoulder straps and carry-handles. These chairs look super comfortable.


stadium cushion seat bleacher chair


If you just want a little less expensive bleacher chair, this stadium cushion seat is a good option. It has a cushioned seat, armrests, and an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying. It also has a storage pocket and spring-loaded hooks to prevent falling back.

personalized padded stadium seat


If you’re looking for something custom you might like this personalized padded stadium seat. Put the name of your team or player on it to show your support.


game warmer bleacher seat warmer


It gets pretty cold at some of those games. Why not have something to warm up your buns on the bleachers. This Game Warmer could even be used with your existing bleacher seat to keep warm and cozy.






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  1. Norman

    Website is very informative. It caters to anyone and every one who likes the sports. This website has a lot to offer from gifts for men to gifts for women. The front page looks good just a thought here. Would you every consider making the back ground a little more colourful. other than that its good.

    1. admin

      Thanks for checking out my website, Norman. I hadn’t really thought about the background color before, but I’m open to suggestions. If you have a chance to look at it again, please let me know what color you think might look good as a background. I’m not as good with the design, and try to focus on the content. Your help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  2. Sally

    The chair seems to very comfortable on the picture but I would like to know what are the dimensions of the chair and also what is the weight limit recommended for this chair? because some of us out there are over weight, and would like a sturdy chair to prevent falls.

    1. admin

      Hi Sally. My boyfriend uses the Ventura Reclining seat and he loves it. It doesn’t hook onto the bleachers, but it’s designed so that it doesn’t fall backward. He weighs about 180 lbs. and he’s 6′ 1″ so I think it would accommodate most ladies. You may be more comfortable using the Deluxe Bleacher chair style chair because it has the safety hook on the bottom if you are worried about it. Thanks for stopping by my website. 🙂

  3. Matthew

    Great review on all these chairs, you were very informative and i know which website to look for in the future if i was contemplating chairs for spectating.

    keep up the great work i look forward to seeing more of your reviews for the future! Keep it up, many people will be taking away a lot of good reccomendations from you

  4. Jon

    I like the embroidered padded stadium seat because I can customize the logo to say “Jon’s Chair KEEP OFF” However the deluxe bleacher chair looks like its slightly lifted with metal legs on the side. Am I right? These bleacher chairs will not only be good for game-day but also camping!

  5. Wing

    Never ever seen or heard of bleacher chairs in my life. This is a brilliant idea actually. I wonder if the inventor of this went to shark tank with it before it came out how it’d done.

    Great review of different types of chairs. It really is different strokes for different folks. Thank you for the review!

    1. admin

      Hi there. These have been around for a few years and they’ve become really popular. Not sure if they were on Shark Tank, but I could see it being one the ideas promoted on that show. 🙂

  6. Fairweather Green

    This bleacher chair could be good for watching the soccer or Ryder Cup golf coming up this weekend.

    I will be sat for hours own end and don’t want to be hurting my backside.

    Lots to look at on this site, perfect for sports fans especially baseball fans.

    I wonder if these chairs are a good fit for the soccer stadium as well as the baseball stadium?

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