Bownet or Portable Practice Net

bow net baseball net

If you want your child to be a great hitter, he or she needs to practice. These portable baseball hitting nets can literally be used anywhere to make your own home batting cage for soft toss and tee work, and are a must for any baseball or softball parent, or travel team. All of these nets fit into a convenient carry bag and require no tools to set them up. Here are a few different models and some accessories to go with them.

Jake hitting with the practice netThis is my son practicing on a tee in the back yard using our baseball batting practice net. We have a small back yard and we don’t have to worry about broken windows with this net. He can also work by himself or I can soft toss to him. It sure makes it very convenient.


bow net baseball net

Bownet Baseball/Softball Big Mouth Portable Net

Bow Net is the most popular brand of practice nets and it’s the one we personally own. You can’t go wrong with this one. It sets up in minutes and is extremely durable. Ours has been set up in the backyard for months through rain, wind, and sun and it’s no worse for the wear. It also comes with a sturdy carrying case. Our team brings one to every tournament.


PowerNet baseball and softball practice net

PowerNet Baseball and Softball Practice Net 7 x 7 with bow frame (w/LIFETIME WARRANTY)

If you want to save some money and you aren’t brand conscious, this net is a great option and it gets fantastic reviews. Comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s also super-easy to set up. Comes with a convenient carry bag. Any of these can of course can also be used as a softball batting net.

rukket 7 x 7 baseball and softball practice net

Rukket Sports 7 x 7 Baseball & Softball Practice Net with Bow Frame (w/LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Pretty much the same net as the PowerNet, just a different brand. They both get awesome reviews and you can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty.


Easton catch net

Easton 5′ XLP Catch Net

This Easton model is a little smaller at 5′ and is an ideal option for younger players. Also, super durable and gets great reviews. Available at

rawlings bucket of baseballsRawlings ROLB1X Practice Baseballs in Bucket (3 Dozen) ROLB1XBUCK36

You’re going to need some balls for all that hitting into the net your player is going to be doing so this bucket of balls will do the trick. It also has a cushioned top and doubles as a seat for doing soft toss. Available at

PowerNet baseball softball caddyPowerNet Baseball Softball Portable Batting Practice Ball Caddy

This is a nice little tool to have if you’re like me and you don’t want to be bending down grabbing balls constantly. This can be used for soft toss exercises and is also great for on-the-field pitching and batting practice.  Great for using with backyard batting cage nets, this will really save your back.

jugs batting teeJUGS Hit Like a Pro Hitting Tee

Tee work is very important and recommended by pretty much anyone who knows baseball. Your child is going to need this for when they want to practice and you’re not there to toss it. I really like this tee because it’s super heavy-duty and it has the slider type of adjustable neck on it, and I’ve just found that this type holds up better and lasts longer. It gets really good reviews and comes with free shipping. It’s a perfect compliment to a practice net.





For information and ideas for setting up a home made batting cage, please visit my page: Building a Home Batting Cage

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  1. Tara

    I would love for my son and daughter to play sports especially baseball! Its my husbands favorite, as for the products your recommending what age would you say there are for my kids are fairly young 5 and 2 so I might need something that grows wirh them. Any suggestions?

    • admin

      Hi Tara. How wonderful that you have little ones and you get to go through the experience of watching them participate in sports and other activities. This is the sweetest time when they are little and innocent and the games are just so cute. If you are thinking about getting a practice net for them to start hitting off of a tee, you could definitely start with the smaller Easton net that’s on my page. It will last them for several years until you need to get a bigger one, and it will probably be worn out by then. I would start with inexpensive gloves and bats to make sure they like playing. Some kids just don’t take to it at all. I’m so glad mine did because I’m a huge baseball fan. Have fun and enjoy every minute because as everyone says…”It goes so fast.” 🙂

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