Baseball and Softball Gifts for Kids


I have assembled a collection of cool gift ideas for kids that are baseball and softball related. These are fun ideas and things that my kids personally like.

SUPERNIUDB 3D Baseball Gloves Visual Night Light Acrylic 3D LED USB 7 Color Change LED Table Lamp Xmas Toy Gift SUPERNIUDB 3D Baseball Gloves Visual Night Light Acrylic 3D LED USB 7 Color Change LED Table Lamp Xmas Toy Gift

 Any baseball fan kid would love to have this 3D LED light in his or her room!

Rawlings personalized baseball batRawlings® Personalized Baseball Bat

This wooden baseball bat can be ordered with any name or title custom engraved on it, making it a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll treasure throughout the years. Hit a Grand Slam with this unique gift idea.


nike-sports-slidesNike Sports Sandals

Baseballers and Softballers love these slip on sports sandals to wear to the games before they put their cleats on. These work great with socks and can easily be put in their ball bags during the game or practice. My kids love them.


 baseball bean bag chairBaseball Bean Bag Chair

Kids love to hang out on bean bag chairs. I know…I was one once. This is a cute baseball item for your kid to have in his or her room.






coregear personal misterCoreGear (MISTER COOL) USA Misters 1.5 Liter Personal Water Mister Pump Spray Bottle With Koozie Styled Neoprene Cool Sleeve

If you live in a hot state like we do or any state that’s super-hot in the summer, these portable misters are an awesome way for your player to keep cool during the game. They come in several colors so you can match your team. This one even has a neoprene sleeve to keep it cool.



titanium sports rope necklaceSport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace – Choose from Multiple Colors and Sizes

Kids love these and they come in every color combination you can imagine to match your team. This is a great fundraiser item to sell at tournaments and they can be purchased wholesale. This particular brand is great quality and gets great reviews.




evoshield youth elbow guardEvoShield Youth Elbow Guard

Nothing is worse for a batter than getting hit with the ball. Especially on a bone like the elbow. This is a great addition to your player’s equipment and makes a great gift. And, kids love having cool gear.






camo sports socksTCK Digital Camo OTC Socks

Kids dig these camo socks and they come in a bunch of colors. You could even get them for the whole team.







demarini youth digi camo batting glovesDeMarini Youth Digi Camo Batting Gloves

These DeMarini youth camo batting gloves are a great gift and come in several colors. They have a classic wrist strap and are made of smooth leather.






kaskey baseball guys action figure setKaskey Kids Baseball Guys Action Figure Set

This is such a cute set of action figures for little ones who love baseball. They have action figures for Star Wars, GI Joes, and Legos, so why not baseball players.






Children 7-14 Kids Sunglasses For Boys Cycling Baseball Youth Sports Glasses on Ebaycycling kids youth sports sunglasses

Kids love to have a pair of these glasses to keep out the glare during the games. These are youth sized and come in a variety of colors.







Check back periodically for new and fun gift additions.

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