Funny Things Kids Do on the Baseball Field

baseball pile up

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I love watching kids play baseball, not only for the competition and great plays, but also for the comedy. There are so many hilarious antics from kids during baseball games, especially the little ones. Baseball kids rule at making us laugh, and baseball parents will totally relate to these funny baseball kids.


The cup adjust

Those things never seem to be in the right spot. I’ve even seen kids hitting them like, “Knock, knock…hello?” We had one kid on our team that while on the mound, would adjust between every pitch.

cup grab

Nose pick

It’s as good a time as any, I guess. Just make sure you don’t use your glove hand…you want to be ready.


Nap time

All this activity in the outfield is exhausting.

tee ball nap

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I’m SOOOOO bored

He can’t contain himself with the excitement.

baseball yawn

Picking clovers

“But I need these for my clover collection.”

picking clovers in the outfield

Digging in the dirt

“I sure wish there were some clovers over here.”

digging the infield dirt

A swing and a miss!

Don’t worry, we’re gonna give you like eight tries.

a swing and a miss


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Dance time

“Hey Mom, check out my moves!”

baseball dance

Eye Black Attack

It’s really hard to know how much eye black is too much.

base runner with eye black

Telling jokes

“So anyway, a duck walks into a bar and…”

baseball conversation

Gotta pee

“Ummmmm, coach…, over here…..”

gotta pee

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Dogpile on the ball!

“We got it!”

baseball pile up

Looking at Dad

“So, did I do it right?”who me?

Top secret meeting

It’s very important that the cameras don’t pick up this conversation.

pitcher catcher meeting on the mound


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