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This is one of the toughest decisions when you’re a sports parent. There’s a birthday party, a special family event, a school event, a vacation, and you have to decide if your child can miss a game to go. Sometimes it’s even multiple games that you’ll have to miss and you agonize over it.



Papa and DrewA couple of years ago, I had this choice to make. It was Papa’s 75th birthday and there was a party at the beach. My youngest had a game and it was Allstars, so it wasn’t just any game. First off, I had to decide if my son would miss this special party or go to one of the biggest games he would play so far. Then, we had to decide if the rest of us would go to the party or go and watch the Allstar game, which we didn’t want to miss. Ultimately, my son was able to do both. We had to split up to get him to the game, and my son showed up late, but got to spend a little time with his Papa. This decision still stings a little because we ended up losing Papa not long after.


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I’ve heard many moms and dads talking about missing vacations and life events for sports and other people probably think we are crazy. Sometimes the sports events become our vacations and our weekend fun is going to baseball, football, or some other games.


What I can say is that you should think long and hard about your decision. Sometimes there will be a lot of pressure from coaches and other parents urging you not to miss games. The team is counting on our kids to help them win, and sometimes they will be short players if we don’t show up, making the decision extremely hard.


But there will always be another game and some events are just too precious to miss. Yes, we have a commitment to the team, but don’t we also have commitments to our families and to show our children what’s truly important in life? Later on, is your kid going to remember that one tournament or that trip to the beach house for a beautiful week?

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family at the beachDon’t miss too many vacations or important family events. These are the things you and your children will store in your memories. If it’s just another tournament game, then go to the family reunion. You will live to play another weekend, and chances are that it won’t stop your son from getting a college scholarship. You may have some team parents mad at you, but you will teach your children a valuable lesson…that family and friends are just as important as sports.


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  1. Billy woodrum

    Very nicely said and hate your family loss. But as u said Allstars Travel teams only last a short time and usually we as u did if we really try can get both done. Just as u say very tough decisions sometime and if u choose either way that was the right choice cause it’s yours!

    • Thank you for your thoughts. It is a very hard choice, but like I said…there will always be another game. Some events are once in a lifetime. 🙂

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