Moms: How to Dress for a Kid’s Baseball Game

Moms: How to Dress for a Kid’s Baseball Game

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Now, I’m not trying to be judgmental here. I’m really just trying to help some ladies out. You know who I’m talking about. The mom who shows up at the kids’ baseball or softball game with spilling cleavage and wearing six-inch heels like she’s headed to the club.

night time outfitThis is all about health and safety, people. I’m just trying to help her not get that cleavage all sunburned. It gets hot at the games and her boobs will definitely be fried by the 4th inning. Someone toss her some sunscreen. And it’s really dangerous climbing up bleachers in heels and you could injure yourself or someone else if your leg slips and you drop your cocktail, I mean water bottle.

This helpfulness is just out of the kindness of my heart. Because that super-tight, too-small, tank top that her boobs are spilling out of, and those F-me pumps with gold glitter are totally appropriate for this 9-year old’s Little League game.


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No, but let’s be real here. If you’re dressing like that in the daytime you’re probably looking to snag a husband or lover, and let’s face it…most of these guys here are dads who are supposed to be focusing on their kids’ games so they’re not going to be available to be checking you out. You might want to try Open House at the school or Food Truck Friday because those are at night and more suited for that kind of “outfit”.


soccer mom in chairJust for comfort purposes, I’d like to suggest the standard baseball mom uniform: Yoga pants/leggings, flip flops or sandals, and T-shirt or mom-blouse (not too tight, girls). Jeans are optional gear, as long as they’re not the super-snug, camel toe type. And, tank tops are fine provided you are wearing your correct size and not something from the Forever 21 petite department (unless you really are “petite” size…and don’t lie). Shorts are also very acceptable because like I said, it’s going to be really hot.

It is totally possible to look cute, but not look like you’re headed to the bar afterward. None of us want to look frumpy, but really, high-heel moms…really?


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  1. Hanna

    hmm.. this reads very bitter.

    as a low-maintenance mom, i ask, can we stop shaming? moms who are dressed up or moms who are not are there for mostly the same reason… to watch their kids.

    worry about yourself.

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