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Organize the Dugout

Organize the Dugout


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Anyone who has been around baseball games knows how crazy and messy it can get in the dugouts. First off, there’s usually not a lot of room in there and the kids have their ball bags with all of their stuff, and it usually all gets taken out and thrown all over the place. This is especially true for the younger kids. It can be really frustrating for coaches when the dugout is a mess and can make it hard for players to find their own gear when it’s all mixed up.

I have some ideas for how to organize a dugout and keep it clean and tidy. I tried to keep these dugout accessories inexpensive and to recommend things that are easy to carry and travel with. There are tons of baseball dugout organizer ideas and DIY dugout organizer projects out there.

Easton Team Hanging Helmet Bag

A helmet organizer like this one is probably the first thing a team or coach should get to start organizing the dugout. You could even label the slots so the kids can quickly find their own helmets.

Dugout Organizer- The DOM Transformer

I think this is pretty cool because it allows each player to have his or her own little locker space. It makes finding their gloves, bats, and helmets super easy with a couple of spots for drinks or extra gear.

PowerNet Hanging Bat Bag Caddy

Sometimes there is no permanent bat rack in the dugout so this folding, easy-to-carry bag organizer is a perfect addition to keep the bats from rolling around. It also makes it easy for the players to find their bats.

I like this one because the bottom is see-through mesh and allows the players to see the bat information more easily.

Easton Coach's 2-in-1 Bucket Cover and Organizer

This is a great thing for a coach to have in the dugout because not only can they sit on it while they’re coaching the game, but it holds balls and has an organizer for score cards, score books, and pencils. There’s also a place to put a drink, a convenient carry handle, and a couple of extra storage pockets.

Easton Magnetic Line-Up Board

Another must-have item is a line up board and this one is nice because you can have the players’ names pre-printed and re-order them as needed by just moving the magnets. Comes with a hook to hang it up and extra magnets are available as well.

Battyshack Dug-Out Organizer

This is another great option for organizing bats and this one has a spot for warm up balls. It fits both baseballs and softballs. There is also a dry-erase lineup card attached so you don’t need a separate one. Has metal hooks for easy hanging.

Baseball Dugout Bat Rack

This is a cool way to get the bats off the ground and keep the dugout a little neater. It’s removable and it won’t break the bank.

DeMarini Grind Wheeled Bag

Often a coach will carry extra gear including catcher’s gear, extra balls, line-up cards, etc. This is the perfect bag to haul gear to the games. Great quality!

Do-it-yourself Helmet Rack

do it yourself helmet rack closet organizers

If you like projects, this is a great one. Take two closet organizers from Target and some stickers. These organizers are also available in darker colors if you are worried about them getting dirty. Voila! A helmet rack.

Please comment below if you have some other ideas for organizing the dugout. I would love to share them.


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