Please Be Friends with the Kid Whose Parents I Like

2 baseball kids in red uniforms

2 baseball kids in red uniforms

I know it’s selfish of me to even ask this, but why does my kid always buddy up with the kid whose parents are not the ones I want to be friends with? Yeah, I know he should be nice to everyone on the team, but I’m talking about the kid he suddenly wants to hang with 24/7 and have sleepovers with. Why does that kid have to have the mom that I want to strangle because she won’t stop talking, or the dad who’s an obnoxious ass?

"friends become our chosen family"

But seriously, I can get along with anyone. Some of the teams my kids have been on have been big happy families. But even then I’ve gravitated toward certain parents with whom I have things in common and I guess there’s just a vibe you pick up on.

It’s just like anywhere else in life: family, work, school…there are people who you are more likely to have a fondness for. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

friends in the bleachers

And what if the parents don’t like me? I know, it sounds impossible to me too because I’m so lovable, but it could happen. What if they live all the way across town or we have different political views. I can let all that go at the field, but I don’t necessarily want to have a cook out with them.

But inevitably my kid just has to pick that one player whose mom sits in the bleachers and complains that her kid is the best but doesn’t get the playing time he deserves because so & so is friends with the coach and her son takes lessons with the best hitting coach in town and…

You get the picture. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

Sorry buddy, you know Mom would do pretty much anything for you, right? I clean your smelly socks and underwear, remember? I’m just not doing that. They live 22 miles from us and it takes 35 minutes to get there one way. Can’t you find someone on the team who lives within, like walking distance? Oh wait…who walks anymore? No, you’re too young to Uber. How about that kid at school you were talking about? His mom is really grea…I mean, he seems super nice.

cute baseball kids hugging

You might be asking why I’m making this about me. Well, I have to make something about me. I go to his games and practices and lessons, take him to school, help him with homework, and on & on. And did I mention I clean his smelly socks and underwear? I’m getting the friend that I want, darn it. 

Oh, who am I kidding.  🙄

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