Top 15 Baseball Kid Quirks on the Field

chewing on a baseball glove

Baseball definitely brings out some crazy habits and quirks in players on the field. Some of them are universal and some others are funny and entertaining. Others are purely about superstition. I’d love to hear about any quirks your kids may have during the games and practices that I may not have covered.

#15 Blowing Bubbles

I see a lot of players blowing bubbles out there. The game can get a little boring at times, so having something to do in between plays gets some players through the ho-hum.

baseball kid blowing a bubble

#14 Adjusting the helmet

You just  adjusted your helmet and it hasn’t moved. Why are you adjusting it again? I think it’s becoming a habit.  🤷‍♀️

curtis adjusting his helmet

#13 Tapping the cleats

There’s no dirt stuck in there, because you’re on artificial turf and there is no dirt, but some players just have to tap their cleats with the bat. This one might be in the running for the most common quirk.

tapping the cleats

#12 Crotch Grab

Okay I’m not sure if this area really needs an adjustment or if they just like it. Well, maybe this little guy just has to pee.  🤔

baseball kid with glove between legs

#11 Playing with dirt

This can be contagious. First, one kid starts doing it and before you know it, they’re building a fort or something.

baseball kids playing in the dirt

#10 Smelling the glove

Did someone bake chocolate chip cookies in there? It must smell really, really good because he keeps sniffing it. 

baseball boy sniffing his glove
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#9 Drawing in the dirt

We’ve all seen kids doing it. They go up to the batter’s box and draw a cross, their initials, or some kind of picture that no one can know about because superstition. 🤭

#8 Bat twirl​

This helps the batter hit a home run. No, really…it does.

#7 Jazz hands

When a kid is about to steal, doing “jazz hands” on the baseline puts the opposing players into a hypnotized trance and enables a player to steal much easier. It also creates balance and speed for the runner.

baseball jazz hands

#6 Biting nails

I think my kid had his hand in his mouth his whole entire 11-year old season. Thank goodness he finally broke himself of it because all I could think about was the germs. 🤢

baseball nail biter

#5 Spitting

How do baseball players create so much saliva?

#4 Dancing on the field

Work it!

#3 Chewing the glove

Gloves are tasty. How do you know they’re not? Have you tried one?

chewing on a baseball glove

#2 Re-closing the batting glove straps

This one cracks me up. You only swung the bat once. They’re not loose. Why do you need to step out of the box and reattach both glove straps every time you swing?  🤣

#1 Beating home plate

They start early with this one. Maybe they see the pros doing it, but a lot of kids seem to beat the plate like it owes them money. 

All of these quirks are what make our baseball kids even more adorable. I think the games would be boring without some entertainment from our little ballers.


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  1. Marlinda Davis

    Hey there! Thanks for writing this. It made me chuckle at some points. The kid dancing on the plate was my favorite and smelling the glove is most relateble to me, lol.

    I have no idea why but its like I was a dog in my past life. I just have to sniff things and I have a particularly sensitive sense of smell. I can smell when anyone has been in my room or touched my stuff too, lol!

    My least favorite would have to be spitting. I wish they would ban it or make it illegal. Its so disgusting!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • admin

      Hi Marlinda. I can totally relate to the sense of smell thing. I smell things too. 👃🏼

  2. AV2001

    Hey there, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with useful information on Baseball Kid Quirks. I laughed really hard when you mentioned about the Gloves Sniffing Part. I honestly don’t know why kids do that. Do you know why?

    From my perspective, I tend to think that it’s the most disgusting thing you can do on the baseball field. If someone looks at you, he’ll be like “What a weirdo?”. I’m gonna share this with my friends. It’s humorous and true at the same time. 

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      Haha that’s a good point. I also think that baseball glove leather smells really good so maybe they just can’t help themselves. 😂

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