Product Review – OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive

odorklenz bottle and portion in measuring cup

odorklenz bottle and portion in measuring cup

I’ve been having an issue with smelly laundry after washing it, and I’ve been looking for something to remove the smell from workout clothes. It’s mostly the “Dri-FIT” type of athletic shirts that seem to hold in every odor that’s attached to them no matter how long I wash them or how much soap I put in the washer.

Needing to find something to remove odor workout clothes tend to retain, I decided to try the product shown above called OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive, and write a review of my findings.

First off, here's what the company lists as the main benefits of the product and some details about how it works:

Optimized to neutralize and remove sweat & body odors from workout clothes that normal detergent leave behind

Fragrance-Free & Nontoxic

Safe to use on Dri-Fit clothing



OdorKlenz Sports Laundry Additive

The Sports Laundry Additive is your first defense against odors. Sports apparel is notorious for retaining pungent sweat-inducing bacteria. The fibers that are most commonly found in sports jerseys, DRI fit, and polyester yoga pants (yes, even when you wear yoga pants, but may not actually “yoga” in them. They still collect the stink. The sports laundry additive is formulated with the revolutionary OdorKlenz technology to remove and neutralize odors from their source. The laundry additive is gentle enough for all sporting fabric. The laundry additive does not contain harsh chemicals, bleach, or overpowering fragrances.

dri fit shirt
laundry in washer

How to remove smell from workout clothes

There were several items of clothing in my dirty laundry that were sports-type clothes including shirts my sons wore to football and baseball practice. There were also workout clothes from all of us in there.

I filled the washing machine about half way to the top with clothes and then allowed the washer to partially fill with cold water. I then put in two Tide Pods and added 1/2 cup of the OdorKlenz. Then the rest of the clothes went in and the washer was 3/4 full, which is the size load that I normally do.

The instructions say to put water and detergent in first if you’re using a top load washer, but I decided to put some of the clothes in before the water and detergent. I also let the clothes go through a soak cycle, which on my machine allows them to soak for a while before the wash cycle starts. At this point, I was ready to get rid of the mildew smell clothes hold in them.

When the load was finished, I put the clothes in the dryer for about 10 minutes and then took out the items that I like to hang to avoid shrinkage. I then restarted the dryer for the remaining clothes.

Three hours later when everything was dry on the racks I checked on all of the clothes. I was pleasantly surprised that all of the clothes had no sweat smell or sour odor at all. They just smelled clean. There was no perfumy smell of the detergent, as the OdorKlenz neutralized the Tide scent as well, which I have learned is a normal feature of the product. I’m very pleased with the outcome because at times I’ve had to wash things twice to get the smell out, and these clothes came out smelling very fresh.


Overall, I would give OdorKlenz a 5-star rating based on the price and the results. Their main sales pitch is that their product is able to get the odor out of workout clothes and it lived up to the claim. The bottle I have is $14.99 for 15 loads which is about average for this type of product. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has stinky kid athletes whose clothes are hard to get clean. It is the best thing I have found so far to get smells out of laundry.

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  1. Kenny

    Hi I have 2 boys, the eldest of which is 5 and has started playing soccer or school. He comes back pretty grubby in his sports kit and his mother and I struggle to find something that gets his clothes clean one wash. I think we will try your recommendation and see how it goes. I look forward to feeding back to you the results of this, thanks Kenny 

    • admin

      Great Kenny.  This stuff does work really well!  🙂

  2. Padedayo

    I never knew you had such an addictive. That could remove smell from fabric. This is an eye opener .

    I heard of fabreeze but it is does not work as deep into the washing of clothes.  Do they come in air spray to remove odour from the home?

    How many washed do you get with the 5 litres?

    • admin

      Hi there.  I would say you get about 10 – 12 washes with the bottle.  They don’t have any sprays, but they have several products for different types of odor removal jobs.  🙂

  3. Garen

    You know it’s crazy that you mentioned the “Dry-FIT” clothes.  Because, I actually stopped using them because when I work out they smell so bad.  Seriously, they are comfortable, but they also cause my shoulders to break out, too.  Have you ever heard that the “Dry-FIT” clothes can cause acne, too.

    It’s good to see that OdorKlenz has been working for you.  In the past I make my own homemade laundry detergent.  I used castile liquid soap and essential oils.  Usually, I use rosemary or tea tree.

    But, I do know my sister has been looking for a new laundry detergent.  Her kids play soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey.  Their jerseys smell horrible after the games and practices. 

    • admin

      Hi Garen.  I haven’t heard anything about acne from Dri-fit clothes but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  My kids don’t have a problem with it, but the clothes sure do stink after their sports.  This stuff works!   🙂

  4. Daniel

    I have never used this product but while I read this review I found it to be very helpful. I am sport guy and I have training every single day. I will buy it especially because of bad smells. It is not expensive at all at least for me. Thank you for such instructive review, everyone who have problem with smells should use it.

    • admin

      Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to read my review.  Yes, this stuff really works especially if you have workout clothes.  🙂

  5. George Salgado

    i loved the visuals of your product review. I can say that you come off as someone who knows her niche . In fact i enjoyed the review so much i think you should have a product review page on you site.My next comment is going nit picky but it would matter slightly in terms of user perception slightly… your website is called baseballmomstuff however your website title is baseball parent stuff your tittle should match the website name  or it can throw off some readers slightly. overall good job with the content so far 😉

    • admin

      Hi George.  Thanks so much for your comments.  Yes, I am planning on transitioning from to in the future but it’s a big task so I just changed my heading for now so that baseball dads will feel welcome on my page as well.  🙂

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