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The Importance of Wearing a Mouthguard in Youth Baseball

The Importance of Wearing a Mouthguard in Youth Baseball


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Guest post by Venus

Baseball is a great sporting activity indeed. However, it is not without its fair share of downsides. Being a rigorous sporting activity, a baseball player is generally prone to losses, injuries, and other forms of bodily harm. Perhaps no other part of the body is more susceptible to these injuries than the teeth. This is mainly due to their highly vulnerable and sensitive nature.

Mouth guards come in handy at such times. These are sporting gear that are basically used to shield the teeth from direct contact with baseball bats, balls and other players. We are going to examine their importance and roles in the discussions that follow.

Why you should wear a mouthguard

Minimizes Teeth Injuries

Their major role is to prevent any injuries to the teeth. They do so by shielding the teeth from strong impacts that generally emanate from the bats and balls. They are tougher and more resilient to strong impacts and the common agents of wear and tear. They also fit nicely to the mouth and teeth and are as such, very reliable to use.

Absorbs Shocks

Some versions of these mouth guards are also designed in such a manner as to absorb shocks. This stems from the fact that they are designed to minimize vibrations and impacts that may often shake the teeth. This also enhances the safety and well-being of the teeth as it prevents accidental dislodging of the teeth from their roots. Not to mention the benefit of added comfort to those that have teeth problems.

Wards off Accidental Bites

It is not uncommon to bite down with our teeth whenever we are subjected to intense exercising and impacts. If and when such issues arise, the tongue is often on the receiving end. It may sustain bleeding, cuts, and other infections. These mouth guards can also ward off the likelihood of such issues arising. This is because they fasten the teeth tightly as to prevent them from biting your tongue.

Spares Nerve Damage

Apart from accidentally biting your tongue, the nerves of your teeth may sustain damage when shaken or exposed to extreme impacts. This happens for the same reason above: vibration. Mouthguards shield the sensitive areas of the mouth from strong impacts and other forces that are likely to arise. This is great as destroyed nerves will usually bleed and subject you to greater problems.

Eliminates the Possibility of Tooth Loss

When the teeth are constantly subjected to strong impacts, the end result is often the loss of a tooth. No one ever wants to find himself in this situation. This is why it is in your best interest to avoid this particular issue as much as you can. Wearing mouth guards while playing youth baseball is one sure way of accomplishing this. It shields your teeth from such impacts and hence withstands the likelihoods of weakening and subsequently breaking your teeth.

Great for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth or braces, you should definitely utilize a mouth guard. This is because sensitive teeth are by far more vulnerable to the problems of loss and damage than normal teeth. Indeed, any slight disturbance or impact can have far-reaching consequences. Mouth guards come in handy in such circumstances. They protect the teeth from these strong impacts by putting in place a barrier which ultimately prevents them from reaching the teeth.

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Comply with Set Standards

The International Baseball Federation, which is the body that oversees the sport of baseball, requires players to wear mouth guards while playing in certain competitive tournaments. This is a prerequisite which has to be upheld at all times. Any failure to adhere to this rule may often attract heavy fines and dire repercussions. It therefore follows that by putting on mouth guards, you can avoid unnecessary confrontations, problems, and other issues that may arise as the result of non-compliance.

Instills Confidence

Lastly, the use of these mouth guards instills some sense of confidence in players. The underlying reason is pretty simple. Wearing mouth guards eliminates all forms of worry, tension, anxiety, and apprehension. You do not have to worry at all about the likelihood of sustaining an injury to the mouth or a loss of teeth or other vital oral organs. This confidence brings with it some peace of mind which allows you to play without having to worry at all about these issues. They are therefore your surest bet for better results and outcomes.

Mouth guard for basketball

Just like baseball, the game of basketball is equally rigorous. As such, a basketball player is also susceptible to the injuries and dangers that the typical baseball player ordinarily confronts. This makes mouth guards relevant for basketball players, as well.

However, the mouth guards for basketball differ from their baseball counterparts. This variation is mainly brought about by the extra rigorous nature of the game of basketball. Indeed the game incorporates some aspects of jumping from the ground and running around excessively.  

As such, the mouth guards for basketball are more responsive, more compact in size, and stronger than those for baseball. In light of this, they are also more expensive than their baseball counterparts. For more info check Best Hoops Lab 


In closing, mouth guards are a very vital part of the game of baseball and other sports. As you can see from the foregoing discussions, this equipment provides great benefits. If you want to perform at your optimal level, you wouldn’t think of doing it without one. Top athletes in almost every major sport wear them because they are such an important addition to their equipment.

In light of this, you should acquire and incorporate them in your sporting gear. A visit to the nearest sporting goods store or online retailer is all you need to get started.

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