10 Lessons from Baseball That Can Help Your Child’s Mental Growth

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Guest post by Margaret

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Parenting is the most challenging job for any person because it’s the only job in the universe where you are not going to be paid, but you’ll work with full dedication because of love, emotion, and compassion. And most of the time, parents try to relate different new things to the process of their parenting to develop the mental growth of their child. And today, we’ll discuss how the game of baseball can positively reshape your child’s mentality.


children playing1 # Baseball Can Help Your Children Socially

We are social creatures and without society, our life is impossible. But a lot of people find it difficult to interact with others. According to research, this problem occurs due to improper mental growth in childhood. That’s why early socialization is very important. The game of baseball can help your child a lot to get socialized.  However, you may wonder about the relationship between socialization and playing/watching baseball. But kids are the best learners, and when they see a group of people interacting with each other, they also develop the same social culture of helping each other within themselves.


team getting trophies2 # Baseball Can Develop Team Work Skills

Baseball is played between 2 teams and each team contains 9 or more players. It means one has to interact with at least 9 people in the field where you need to beat the other 9 players. And it doesn’t only matter how good you are in the field because only the same effort and support of the other 8 players will help result in victory. So, if you get your children used to playing or watching baseball, it will help to develop their team work skills.


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3 # Baseball Helps to Improve Focus

To reach your goal, you need to be focused. Playing games can enhance your focus and take it to a more positive level. And of all the sports, we’ll give baseball some extra points because it requires more focus than most of the others. So, playing baseball can help you develop the skills you will need to focus later in life.


4 # Baseball Can Improve Decision Making Skills

The win a game, you must change your decisions continuously depending on the situation. When a child starts playing baseball, without any intention, he/she practices these decision-making events. It is very useful for the child’s mental growth.


5 # Baseball Can Make the Mind More Energetic

My friend Martha, the co-owner of MomandBabyLab, and I, believe that a healthy body can host a healthy mind. And when your children start playing baseball, it’ll reshape their bodies to healthy ones which will eventually boost their minds to think more, learn more, and adopt more and more skills and expertise.


6 # Baseball Improves Patience

Our mind is an impatient bull which continuously travels with great chaos from one thought to another. And patience is just the opposite. For that reason, to improve patience we need to eradicate the anarchy in our minds. That’s why we have our children play outdoor games like baseball so that they can stick to a target, work to reach that target, and train themselves to be more patient from the beginning of their lives.


math7 # Baseball Boosts Mathematical Skills

As your child needs to calculate continuous progress during the game, it helps them to calculate more efficiently and teaches them quick processing, which in turn boosts their mathematical skills.


8 # Baseball Reduces Harmful Addictions

Playing regular games can keep your child’s focus from hazardous addictions like playing excessive computer games, cartoon addiction, even drug or porn addictions in many cases. Outdoor games are always good for saving your kids from these problems. So, try to motivate your child as much you can to play baseball at least 3-4 days a week.


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batter through fence9 # Baseball Can Ensure a Bulletproof Body

Research shows in many cases that stronger kids are more confident and self-sufficient than weaker kids. So, for your child to develop a strong mind, he or she needs to develop a bulletproof body first. And there are no natural alternatives to regular exercise. Baseball is a great choice for both regular exercise and a fun source of entertainment.


10 # Baseball Improves the Imagination

When your kids are busy making new plans and strategies for games, then their power of imagination will start to increase. And this is not just a saying… this is a result of proven research. So, feel free to let your children play baseball with their buddies.


Finally, in a nutshell, we can say that playing or watching baseball is really a great practice for a child’s mental growth. And if you see your children stuck on playing computer games, discourage them as much as possible and motivate them to play baseball and other outdoor games as much as they can.


About the author:

Margaret is mom of two children who’s been blogging for new moms for the last 3 years. Additionally, she runs her mom blog momandbabylab.com to help her fellow moms.


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