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10 Types of Sports Dads You Don’t Want to Be

10 Types of Sports Dads You Don’t Want to Be


In the crazy world of kids’ sports there are bound to be many interesting personalities. Some of these personalities are great and some of them can make their kids cringe with embarrassment. Don’t get caught being one of these Dads.


man yelling#1 Yelling Dad

We’ve all heard this one loud and clear. He’s yelling at his son or daughter and making the kid constantly nervous. Sometimes he yells in your ear and makes you nervous, too. And it makes the moms want to go and hug the kid. This guy expects perfection and thinks he’s going to get it by calling out what his kid should do on every play. He might even be yelling stuff out at the other kids, the coach, and the umpire. I’m thinking he has a sore throat after every game. Usually quite cringe worthy and I call him “Mr. Loud.”


dad hugging son#2 Coddling Dad

This dad will tell you that his kid’s arm hurts or he’s injured after every game, if the kid doesn’t do well. He’s always in the dugout asking the kid if he needs water and catering to his every need. He’s calling out from the stands, “That’s okay, you’re doing great.” That’s nice, but the kid’s not doing great and he or she knows it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dad that is nice and loving toward his kids, but during the game, the kid needs to be respected by his teammates and coach.


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#3 Sarcastic Berating Dad


Kids just love sarcasm when they’re struggling, don’t they? They love it when their dad says, “Oh, great job”, when they make a mistake, or “What are you DOING?”, or “Are you KIDDING ME?”. Don’t be this dad. Not that your sarcasm isn’t totally awesome.


man on bench looking at phone#4 Never There Dad

You barely know this dad because he’s rarely at the games and even if he’s there, he’s on his phone or not really paying attention. This guy must be a very important international diplomat or in the CIA or something.


man pointing#5 Complains About Other Kids Dad

One of the biggest faux pas in kids’ sports is to talk negatively about another person’s kid. There’s a dad who does this and I don’t want to sit near him. He should just keep quiet and be happy that his kid is so perfect.

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#6 Delusional Dad

shirtless man flexing his muscle

You know. the guy around your community who tells everyone at the games, “My son is the number two player in the country.” And then in your head you ask, “What country?” But seriously, I sometimes hear a guy talking about how his kid plays up two divisions because he needs the competition, or that he’s being looked at by UCLA. We’ll believe it when we see it…no bragging necessary.

man in hoodie with side glance#7 “Who’s That Guy?” Dad

You know that dad who is at the games, but you’re not sure whose dad he is and he never talks to anyone?  The one who sits out in the outfield and you’re not even sure if he IS one of the dads?  We just wonder why he’s so anti-social…we’re nice people. I’m pretty sure he’s The Unibomber.




men in suits sitting on bench#8 Networking Dad

Networking dad probably signed his kid up so he could get the mailing list from the team mom. Business always comes up in a conversation with him. He’s probably a real estate agent or sells insurance, and he constantly fills your spam folder.

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#9 Cassanova Dad

suave man in suit

This Don Juan is always hitting on the single moms and by single moms, I mean any woman who’s at least 15 feet from her husband. He just loves to flirt and thinks he’s super hot and all the chicks dig him.

old timey men looking at a piece of paper#10 Know-It-All Dad

Reliable experts are hard to find, but apparently we have one with the dad who knows everything about the sport. He sits in the bleachers and critiques each pitch, swing, umpire call, coaching decision, and rule. He’s a walking encyclopedia, but sometimes he’s wrong. He means well but after a while, we just tune him out because nobody likes a know it all.




If you have more Dad types, I’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. Thinkingmom

    My son…no matter WHAT…Machiavelli Dad. Lethal…if he is a coach. The mild version is when he keeps his son on field even if son doing poorly. And more skilled players are…sitting. Super Player-destructive Full Machiavelli Dad..Coach. Badmouths 17 year old player(s) to Scouts. Falsely and publically accuses player(s) of serious bad behavior. Whole team of patents told. But when false allegation scientifically proved false, Coach only weakly attempted to correct his own false statements. Players on his team lost some colleges who no longer wanted to recruit them. Incidents..disguised slightly to…protect the guilty.

    1. Wow, that’s crazy! I hate drama and that sounds like a lot of drama. Don’t you wish the kids could just have fun? Some of the adults ruin it for them. But, my post was just the funnier side of different personalities. 🙂

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