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If you’re like me, you love finding new “hacks” or easy ways to do things that save time and make your life easier.  I’ve scoured the internets to find five new ones for my blog that you will LOVE!

#1 Drink Carrier

What genius came up with this? If you have to bring drinks for the kids, just get a small clothes basket and put a muffin pan in it. Voila! You have a drink holder for a bunch of kids.

clothes basket

#2 Magic Eraser for cleats

I used a Magic Eraser on the tips of my white Converse All Stars and they came out sparkling clean. They also do wonders for cleats.

#3 List of player names and numbers

When I was the team scorekeeper, the coach was always asking what the kids’ numbers were. Make a list with names and numbers and have few extra copies on hand. There can also be a space for notes, and you could also have them laminated. Courtesy of SportsMomSurvivalGuide.com

team name and number list

#4 Check your kid's bat length

Apparently, the bat length has something to do with the kid’s arm length. Here’s an easy way to check it. Place the bat in the middle of your child’s chest and have him stretch out his arm to the end of the bat. The bat should be at the end of his fingers. Courtesy of ilovetowatchyouplay.com

baseball bat length check system

#5 The shoe tying trick

I don’t know about your kid, but mine is always playing with his shoes untied. I’m not sure why he can’t keep them tied, but of course the world wide web has a fix for that, and I didn’t know until recently that there is a use for those extra lace holes at the top. Check out the magic shoe tying method. 

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  1. Todd

    Great tips here for parents, The drink carrier is fantastic, easy and fast to put together. I watched the video on tying the shoes with a loop locking method, very cool. I wish I new this when I played. The bat length tip is a good one, to many kids try and play with either a bat that is to big or to heavy, having the proper length will help with better results and confidence. Nice post I will use some of these hacks.


    • admin

      Thanks Todd.  I’m happy that you enjoyed by blog.  🙂

  2. Theresa

    Okay, I am a firm believer in the Magic Eraser! I keep them on hand in most rooms of my house because I have found so many ways to use them. They make keeping a clean house with kids much easier. The shoe tying hack is amazing. I have always wondered why those holes are at the top and if I should lace up to there or not, but now that dilemma is solved. Thank you for keeping us moms and dads on our toes.

    • admin

      Thanks Theresa.  I appreciate your comments and please come back anytime!  🙂

  3. Andrea

    Very interesting and cool hacks for parents. I was once a baseball mom and this would have been awesome to know back then. I love the cupcake molds as drink carriers..that’s genius. Thanks for sharing this!  What an awesome way for parents to come up with ways to make it easier for them and the kids. 

    • admin

      Thanks Andrea.  Anything to make our lives easier, right?  😀

  4. Brandon Pierce

    Always looking for a way to make little league season a little easier.  We all have to work hard and then do all of this stuff too, and even though I love it, you need all the help you can get to get to the finish line.  I’m going to try several of these hacks for sure.  Thanks so much for sharing.

    • admin

      Great!  I’m so glad to hear that parents can use these tips.  🙂

  5. Jurgen

    Although I don’t play baseball and neither does my kid, I still find these very useful.

    Will have to stock up on those Magic Erasers, as I was looking for some way to keep my white sneakers clean as the tend to get dirty just by looking at them. 🙂

    Oh and the trick with the drink carrier will come in handy on practically any social occasion!

    Thanks for finding these!

    • admin

      So glad to hear that these hacks will work for people other than baseball parents!  🙂

  6. Kit

    I never seen various bat length before. I thought it was standard size. If it doesn’t fit with the measure, what should I do? I don’t think I should cut it. Is there a custom made bat you can recommend?. The drink carrier is a smart move. This method is helpful.

    • admin

      No, you can just buy bats that are the correct length for your child’s size.  No cutting necessary, LOL.  🙂

  7. I’ve seen baseball parents with something that looks like a sleeping bag! What is it called?!

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