The Relationship Between Mothers and Sons Who Play​

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The Relationship Between Mothers and Sons Who Play

Baseball season is in full swing and moms across the country and even other parts of the world are in the midst of the rocky emotions a season provides. From  tee ball to the pros, players of all ages are anticipating the excitement they will feel as they begin a new season.

As a parent having nurtured two players, these emotions will be as varied as the boys on each and every team. At any given time, for any mom, she will experience happiness, sadness, apprehension, frustration, exhilaration, bitterness, but always a whole lot of pride in her son.

Mothers worry about their sons getting hurt physically and emotionally. They worry about the coach’s attitude toward the boys. They worry about the other boys who might play better than their son. In short, they worry just about everything their son may encounter while on the field.

We must learn to recognize and yes, even disguise, that worry. Our goal is to bolster attitudes and find lessons from each and every experience our sons encounter. Some of those lessons may be positive, some not so much. Communicating those lessons is a step forward in your son’s growth and maturity.

Baseball provides a time to build a relationship with your son that is grounded in acceptance and respect that remains steady long after his playing days are over. Take the opportunity to connect with your ball player knowing that you are laying the groundwork for a lasting, loving relationship.

Rita Poppert
Baseball Mom of 20 years +++

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