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Best New Baseball Bats for 2017

Best New Baseball Bats for 2017


Every year, new bats come out and players are always looking for ways to up their game.  A good baseball bat can be a big part of making that happen. When looking for a bat, you should not only consider size and weight, but it’s a good idea to read the reviews and see how people rate the performance. I’ve found a few bats that get really good reviews.

Easton Mako BeastEaston Mako Beast

Easton makes the Beast in a variety of sizes and weights. Even being a fairly new model, this youth Beast gets great reviews for having a lot of pop. My younger son uses this bat and has had great success with it. He’s a small kid but he’s hitting bombs with it. It’s very light and it looks cool, too.

Easton Mako Beast Big Barrel Senior League BatEaston Mako Beast Big Barrel

If your kid is playing travel ball, you’ll definitely want him or her to have a big barrel bat to get the most power. This Beast is brand new for 2017 and doesn’t even have reviews yet. For those who like to have the latest and greatest, this could be a really cool bat to get, and you can’t go wrong with Easton. My son wants this bat because he loves everything in white.

DeMarini CF Zen Balanced drop 5 baseball batDeMarini CF Zen

Twelve to Fourteen year old players will probably need to use a drop five (-5) weight bat to transition to a drop 3 high school bat and this DeMarini CF Zen bat gets awesome reviews. It might be an expensive bat for a transitional year or two, but if you can afford it, it could be worth the price.

Louisville Slugger Prime

High school bats need to be a drop three (-3) weight and this Louisville Slugger Prime is getting really good reviews. Louisville Slugger has been making some great bats the last few years and this one is no exception.

Easton Mako Beast Tee Ball BatEaston Mako Beast Tee Ball Bat

Easton even makes the Beast in a tee ball size and it’s very reasonably priced. Your baller can smash with this bat and look super cool doing it. This tee ball bat also gets really good reviews.

If you’re not sure which size bat to get for your child, click here for a bat sizing chart. Keep in mind that even if you do invest in an expensive bat, you can sell it after your child is finished using it. Ebay is a great place to sell your used baseball equipment and I have sold many things there and have received really fair prices for them. For more information on using Ebay, please visit my page: Buy and Sell Used Baseball Equipment on Ebay.

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