Building Arm Strength For Baseball

young man flexing his muscles
young man flexing his muscles

Guest post by James Wood

Building arm strength for baseball is essential to obtaining much better skills in pursuing your baseball career. When searching to create arm strength, you have to initially see what your inadequacies are.  Lifting in the gym is excellent for building muscle for your arm but not the best for generating power for throwing.

Don’t get me wrong, lifting will build your arm’s real power, but it won’t boost the more compact, much more important muscles.

When you left weights, you should not be performing a lot of overhead presses such as military press and bench presses. It is okay to do some average weight bench but never more than that. These exercises will result in arm damage, most likely to the rotator cuff/shoulder.

youth pitcher in red jersey

Looking for a fun way to build some arm strength?  You could always go bowling.  Check out this other article from James:  How to Throw a Bowling Ball.

Build your forearms!

If you want to be in a position to throw farther, the most effective way to do that is to go out with your good friend and just play catch. Go long-toss. What I do is go to a football field and throw so I know just how far I am throwing.

You can build arm strength by utilizing surgical tubing bands and getting a long-toss catch every day. I have been making use of this combination for a little over a month, and I can already tell that my arm stays fresher, looser, and I throw about 4-5 mph quicker.

Forearms also play a significant role when it comes to playing baseball or any other game that involves power throwing. The forearms are one of the most important muscle groups. Pitchers use them to grip the ball for the numerous pitches they throw, and hitters use them to manage the bat as they swing.

Grip strength is also critical for batters, who will need it to hit the ball with power. Even though numerous baseball forearm workouts are done for batting, the strength formulated helps to throw as well. 

Strengthening your overall physique is essential for playing baseball because you want these muscle tissues to be active when hitting and throwing. Having powerful muscles can also defend your body from physical injuries because it enables you to be a lot more adaptable.

There are many methods to improve arm power for baseball. You might have to preserve your rotator cuff by undertaking less workout routines for it, and long-toss as much as your arm makes it possible.

By that, I mean that if your arm starts to hurt and it doesn’t feel right, then stop lifting. If it is just sore, then take a day or two off. Doing weights work outs can gain muscle mass but not necessarily velocity.

Also, make sure you stretch your arm daily to maximize your range. Work on your overall fitness as well. Remember: a healthy body gives strong arms and strong arms generate power. Overall, work hard, and harder throws will come.

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