Cute Outfits for Spring and Summer Baseball Season


cute outfits for spring and summer baseball season



There are so many different climates and types of weather that we’re never sure what to wear for Spring and Summer baseball games. We want to look cute, but we also need to have practical clothes because we may have to be there all day and comfort is a must. I have a few ideas for how to get both comfort and cuteness at your kids’ games.

hey batter batter baseball mom shirtBaseball Mom Shirt

This is an adorable choice for any baseball game. Major League to tee ball game, you’ll look super cute in this. Wear it with a baseball cap.


custom baseball mom hatCustom Baseball Mom Hat

Speaking of hats, how about this cutie? It can be made with your own custom bling and team name. Love it!

black mid rise yoga pantsGo-Dry Mid-Rise Bootcut Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the number one item on my must-have list for baseball and softball moms. These pants are the ultimate in comfort and Old Navy has the best yoga pants for tall women and other heights that I’ve found, at a great price. You can always get them for around $20 and they fit perfectly.






relaxed lace up topRelaxed Lace-up Top

Mornings can be cold so layering is a really good idea. I love this cute lace-up top, which is available in three colors. You could wear a little tank top under it for the hot afternoon that’s coming.






twill field jacket army greenTwill Field Jacket

These cute lightweight field jackets also called army jackets, surplus jackets, or utility jackets, are very much in style right now and look good with a variety of tops underneath. I like to wear mine with a tank top underneath so I’m warm in the morning and can take it off once it gets hot out.






first layer fitted tankFirst-layer Fitted Tank

It’s a good idea to have a nice collection of different colored tank tops to wear with different outfits. I love orange, but these tanks are available in a variety of colors to match anything.






pixie long mid rise pantsPixie Long Mid-rise Pants

If you’re not into yoga pants or you just want something different, these fitted pants are adorable and they also come in regular, tall, and petite sizes. There are several colors available as well.  Put these pants with the orange tank top and the field jacket and you have a great outfit!






Ankle-Strap EspadrillesAnkle-Strap Espadrilles

I know most of us are tempted to just throw on some flip-flops or sneakers, but why not spice it up just a little with some cute colored sandals? These are comfortable and cute and they won’t kill your budget. And you could always bring them along for the afternoon if you want to wear your sneakers for the morning cold.






mid rise patterned pineapple shortsMid-Rise Patterned Everyday Shorts

For those extra-hot days, some shorts might be in order so a cute pair of patterned shorts is a great way to wear something unique. These go great with a variety of tank tops and sandals.






womens keds sneakersKeds Women’s Coursa LTT Fashion Sneaker

I always like to have a cute pair of sneakers with me just in case and these Keds are super cute. They go with yoga pants, jeans, khaki’s, and shorts, and are available in a few different colors. Classic white is my favorite.





There are so many options of what to wear to baseball games, and we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion and vice versa. We can look super cute and still be baseball moms. Just remember your layering for changing weather patterns at those long games and tournaments.  🙂

Check out my Pinterest page for a bunch of cute baseball outfit combination: What to Wear For a Baseball Game






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