Make a Baseball Easter Basket for Your Baseball Fan

Make a Baseball Easter Basket for Your Baseball Fan

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If you have a baseball fan in your house, why not put together an Easter basket with baseball items in it? This is a great way to spice up an Easter basket with some creative and different items. Here are some cute ideas for sports Easter baskets with a baseball theme.


baseball easter basketTake an ordinary colored basket and make a baseball trim on it using stickers. Then put in items like a baseball, Big League Chew, a baseball movie like The Sandlot, sunflower seeds, candy, and baseball cards. This one is adorable because it has boiled eggs with baseball threads drawn on it, and this would be super easy to do. Or you could order baseball Easter eggs for an egg hunt.


baseball easter basketYou can use any type of basket with any treats that your baseball fan would like. This one has Gatorade, a gum-filled baseball bat, and some wiffle balls included.


baseball easter basketHere’s another idea using a rectangular white plastic bin that you could paint some threads on and put treats in. The wooden bat and the Evoshield arm guard are some additional great ideas to add.


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baseball easter capsThis idea can literally be as easy as getting a baseball cap and putting candy and other treats in it. This one has Pringles, but you can get really creative and put any items you like inside.


baseball helmet gift setSome people are amazingly creative. I love these baseball helmets turned upside down with treats underneath!


baseball easter bucketThis baseball bucket is adorable. Stickers can be applied to personalize it or say something about baseball. These great basket ideas can also be used for birthday gifts and gift bags.


Feel free to post any comments or suggestions for your favorite Easter basket ideas and items to include!


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