Mother’s Day Gifts for Baseball Moms



lets do this boys tshirt

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be looking for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for Baseball Moms. I have found a collection of cute baseball gifts for moms and other ladies who might like them. Some items have to be ordered ahead of time because they have custom names, numbers, and sizes, so plan ahead and find something now. Any of these items would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check these out.


These custom baseball flip flops are my number one Mother’s Day gift idea this season. I wear flip flops all year long and I will be getting these for myself if no one gets them for me for Mother’s Day. They can have a player’s name and number custom printed on them, and the price is right. Awesome!

personalized baseball flip flops



Since I have two baseball boys, I love this leather baseball bracelet that can be custom made with both of my boys’ numbers on it. there are a ton of additional custom bracelets on Etsy.

custom baseball leather bracelet


What mom doesn’t love getting flowers? I just love these baseball and softball roses, and you don’t even have to water them!

baseball roses


This adorable baseball tank top from Etsy can be customized with your favorite player’s number on it and you can even add a name if you’d like. This is so cute and I would definitely wear this. You can also order it with a yellow/green softball colored number for a softball mom.


custom womens baseball tank top


Unique baseball mom sweatshirts from Etsy are another nice choice. Baseball moms always need something warm to wear for those late day and night games, but they still want to look cute. This makes an awesome gift.

womens baseball mom sweatshirt



Custom baseball shirts with Mom’s favorite player’s name and number are definitely a mom favorite. Sign me up!

my heart belongs to tshirt


amazon baseball sneakers banner thin long


One of my favorite baseball jewelry items is this hand-stamped jersey with name and number of my favorite player. A must-have gift for all baseball moms. Your baseball mom will adore this.

custom baseball hand stamped jersey necklace



rileys jewelry optionsI’ve featured this bracelet before because I think it’s my absolute favorite. I love the chunky look of the rope and the cute baseball charms. This adorable bracelet can be ordered in a variety of colored cord options.

rileys jewelry bracelet











Baseball jerseys are really “In” for women now and I love these because they have a ladies’ fit and they can also be customized with a player name and number. You can also order in your kid’s team color. Another one of those cool gift ideas moms will love.

custom womens baseball jersey

I love the look of these dog tag necklaces and how cute is it to have your boy or girl’s name and number on it?

custom baseball dog tag necklace


For additional baseball gift items, check out my page: 15 Handmade Baseball Jewelry Ideas

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  1. Marlaine

    Hi Shannon,
    Love this stuff! You’ve picked some great Mother’s Day gift ideas… and I’m thinking that I could even work with the jewelry idea a bit to create one that suits my soccer player and my baseball player kids together. Love, love, love that hand-stamped necklace! 🙂
    Where you are, do your kids keep the same jersey number year after year? In my area, it’s a random number each season, unfortunately. I love the idea that they “claim” and keep a number for a few years – I’d totally put it on my jewelry if that was the case. I love cheering for my kiddos… we’re their number one fans!
    Cheers, and wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day too!

    1. admin

      Hi Marlaine. Thanks for visiting my page. We are in California and one of my sons is on a travel team so he keeps the same number, and my other son is in high school and he gets to keep his number as well. It makes it nice to be able to get some cute items to support my favorite players. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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