How to Create a Baseball Themed Bedroom with No Decorating Skills

baseball vision1

baseball vision1

Baseball is a classic, national pastime that Americans have loved for decades. The baseball themed bedroom is a classic yet energetic look for a child or a major baseball fan’s bedroom. Walking into a well-decorated bedroom or looking at photos of baseball home decor in a magazine or online can give you a sense of intimidation about your own do-it-yourself decorating abilities. Don’t let that worry you! You can still have a dynamic baseball themed bedroom with little to no decorating experience. Here we offer you a few suggestions for your baseball themed bedroom that will allow you to hit it out of the ballpark!

Color Scheme

Choosing an amazing color scheme for your baseball themed bedroom is the first step in creating the baseball home decor. The general color scheme for a baseball themed room are red, white and blue. You can start with painting the walls with one of these
colors. You can use one color as a base color, such as white or red. After allowing your base color to dry, use blue painter’s tape to make straight-lined vertical stripes of a thinner or wider size (based upon your preference) of one or both of the other colors.

If you are not as confident in your ability to paint a bedroom, you can rely on wallpaper. You can choose a full wallpaper with baseball themed print to cover the entire bedroom. If a complete wall papering is too overwhelming for you, you can go with the option of a simple border. The border will line where the walls touch the ceiling. You have the choice of using a printed design as your border or to keep it classic, you can choose one of the three color options as a simple colored border. Choosing the color scheme of your baseball home decor is the first and easiest step toward hitting your baseball themed bedroom home run.


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Another great option for your baseball home decor is through the biggest attraction in a bedroom: the bed. There are many remarkable options for baseball style bedding. The headboard is the main part of the bed. There are baseball bat headboards where instead of slats, there are bats which will give your bed a truly unique style. You can also choose a custom designed shelving unit to surround your bed using the baseball color scheme of red, white, and blue. On the shelves, you can place baseball decorations and memorabilia to add detail to your bedroom.

The bedding itself is another way to add design to your baseball themed bedroom. Choose a sheet set with the basic color scheme. There are custom comforters that have a baseball printed design. Pillows that are shaped and designed like a baseball add an active sporting detail to the bed. The right baseball themed bed with a wonderful themed bedspread will add detail to your baseball home decor.


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The furniture decorating your baseball themed bedroom can run you great strides toward creating the authentic baseball styled room. There are many baseball or bat inspired dressers and armoires you can choose to grace the walls of your bedroom. There are also baseball themed end tables for the sides of your baseball themed bed. If you feel comfortable enough with paint, you can take a lighter colored wood dresser and paint it white, while painting the outside of the actual drawers red. Then you can use a smaller paintbrush to paint a red curved line across the top of the dresser (coming from the ends of the dresser) and along the curve you carefully paint red carot-styled ^ shapes, like that of a baseball. This simple style idea will bring the energetic sporting look to a simple dresser and further your baseball home decor.

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How you decorate your baseball themed bedroom will make all the difference in pulling off your custom look. There are many, many design choices that will give you the décor that you are looking for. For your end table lamps, you can shop for baseball designed lamp shades. Some lamps even have a base that looks like a bat.

To cover your windows, you can find curtains that have the baseball design pattern, or you can choose a basic curtain with the red, white or blue coloring. Make sure to make it a contrasting color to what you have chosen for your wall color.

At home improvement and hardware stores, you can find baseball themed decals where all you need to do is simply place them carefully and strategically on your walls, as they have their own adhesive. This will add a sense of fun to your baseball home decor. At sporting stores or online, you may also find posters of baseball legends to line your walls. Place these posters, or any other baseball themed photography in a beautiful frame to give a refined look to your bedroom space.

Searching online (particularly through consignment shops) can direct you to older sports memorabilia that you can place on your shelving, or inside of an enclosed display case mounted against the wall. Along with this are a plethora of toys and baseball trinkets that, using your imagination, can create the perfect baseball themed bedroom adding a playful, fun energy to the bedroom.


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Custom Shelving

The use of shelving is another fantastic way to display your books, baseball memorabilia, and trophies. Shopping online can help you find unique shelving units that fit the needs of your baseball themed bedroom. If you are not able to find the right shelving unit online, you can take a basic light-colored wooden shelf of your size and dimensional choice and paint it as described above for the dresser. It is advised that you paint the baseball curved lines at the bottom of the shelf along with the top so that its detail can be seen from either angle that you look.

Whether you purchase or design your own shelving unit, this idea is a fun and practical way to display your books or decorative wares in your baseball themed bedroom. For more unique ideas, check out this video that features creative baseball themed bedroom options that will work well with your baseball home decor.



We hope that the options presented here provide you with some wonderful ideas to create a fantastically decorated baseball themed bedroom. Feel free to add your own creativity and individuality to your baseball bedroom decor and see the game come
alive right in your or your child’s own bedroom.

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