6 Life Lessons For Teens to Learn From Baseball

Baseball is a highly cooperative sport, almost unlike any other sport in the high level of cooperation it demands of players. Because of the needed coordination between players, your child will learn greater communication skills and how to be a supportive team member, instead of needing to have things be all about them.
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A Baseball Mom’s Thoughts on Showcase Tournaments

I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means, but I do have some experience with the youth baseball world having two high school boys who have both played baseball since they were 3-years old. Traveling around doing the tournament circuit has taught me a lot about the game and also the politics of the game.
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History Of Baseball Trading Pins

If you’ve ever been to a Little League baseball or softball game, you know that trading pins are a very popular item. Whether it’s a team pin, a championship pin, or a pin for a special skill, most players, coaches, and parents have at least one that’s proudly displayed on a backpack or hat. But what makes trading pins so special? A lot of it boils down to two things: the promotion of good sportsmanship and a feeling of belonging within the team. They play a role in building friendships between players of different teams, too, as they’re great conversation starters. At games and championship events, players trade pins so much that it gets nearly as much attention as the game itself.
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How To Apply The Work Ethic Learned From Baseball To Your Daily Routine

Diverse conclusions are derived from a number of life experiences, but the best way to learn from them is through one of America’s favorite sports. Baseball or any sport is not just about disciplining the younger generation or teaching them about the rules of the game, but it also involves teaching them the difficulties of life and how they can respond when faced with a challenge.
Can Sports Keep Kids Out of Trouble?

Can Sports Keep Kids Out of Trouble?

As parents, we often wonder if our kids are overscheduled and too busy. Most likely the answer is yes, however, busy is not always a bad thing. Busy means our kids aren’t getting themselves into trouble. Busy means concentrating on an activity instead of searching for something to do, and we all know what that can lead to. Bad choices!