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Personal Weather Pod

Personal Weather Pod


rainy baseball game

Sometimes the weather is bad enough that you don’t want to sit out there and watch a game or practice. That’s where this awesome Mypod Sports Pod comes in.


Under the Weather MyPod Sports Pod Black


Usually, baseball or softball games will be cancelled if it’s raining too hard. But sometimes, it’s just drizzling and they continue the games. And what about wind? I hate wind and I hate being cold! This thing is the perfect solution. I just love these one person cold weather tents. It pops up and folds down easily, it has clear front and side doors for easy access, and it comes with a carrying case. I wonder if I can take a heater in there?  🙂



It’s kinda funny that we would have our kids out playing in bad or cold weather when we are all bundled up, but they do…and did I mention I hate being cold?


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  1. This is so cool. I saw these on Shark Tank, if I am not mistaken. What a great product to get behind. I’m pretty sure the guy made a deal with a Shark, but either way, here they are.

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