20 Signs You Might Be Spending Too Much Time at Your Kid’s Baseball

cjbl field

Now, I’m not saying you don’t want to be there, but spending too many hours around your kid’s baseball can have it’s consequences. Here are the signs that it could be a little too much.

1. Your car is filthy on the outside and looks like a tornado went through the inside.

My car hasn’t been washed since February and it’s now April, but hey…who’s counting?

messy car with sports gear

2. You have dreams (or possibly nightmares) of GameChanger scores.

I guess it’s better than the dream where you’re naked in front of people on stage. You don’t have that one? Oh, me either.

game changer dream image

3.  Suddenly, you notice that the roots of your hair look like a landing strip.

You could always go back to your original color right? Ummm, no.

dark roots

4. You still have Christmas lights on the outside (and maybe inside) of your house.

On the plus side, you won’t have to put them up again for this Christmas.


5. Your phone is so full, that you can't take any more photos or videos at the games.

I hate this message, don’t you?

iphone full

6. Your refrigerator is stocked with Gatorade, but you don't have any food.

If we could live on Gatorade, we’d be set!


7. There are baseballs literally everywhere.

I seriously found a baseball in my toilet once.

baseballs in cupholder

8. You can't remember the last time your family ate a vegetable.

If only Gatorade was a vegetable.

burger and curly fries

9. You have tan lines on your feet that you're pretty sure are permanent.

Even sunscreen won’t save you from the long hours your feet are exposed at a 3-day baseball tournament. We’ve all had these lines and mine are still there from last summer.

tan lines on feet

10. Your grass is so unruly that your neighbors are starting to look at you funny.

When small children are afraid to come in your yard, you’ve probably been at the ball field too much.

grass and weeds

11. Your lower back feels like you just helped someone move.

Bleachers are not kind to your back and neither is all of the standing you do when things get intense. I have parent friends who have been with our team for six years and they still don’t have bleacher chairs. How do they do it?

fans in the bleachers

12. All of your furniture is covered with a layer of dust and possibly field clay.

I have plenty of time to dust. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay, so maybe the picture is an exaggeration.


13. You have a pile of mail that you swear must be someone else's.

Hey, you’ll get to it eventually, and that’s what Autopay is for.

pile of mail

14. Your dog doesn't recognize you at first when you walk in.

Poor Sparky. Why can’t they allow dogs at all the fields?


snarling dog

15. Your friends stop inviting you to stuff because you never come anyway.

Remember when you used to go to cookouts back in the olden days?



16. Your number one stress in life is asking the boss for yet another day off work.

You don’t even want to think about how many days you’ve taken off already.


phone call

17. Your extended family thinks you don't love them.

But his travel team always plays on Thanksgiving, Mom. He can’t let the team down.”

thanksgiving dinner

18. You're on a first-name basis with several umpires.

OMG, am I really at the tournaments that much???

talking to umpires

19. The last time you took a non-baseball vacation, your kids were in diapers.

At least you have a few photos of vacations that are not at a baseball tournament, even if they’re from six years ago.


beach baby

20. Your remodel projects are a distant memory.

Updated kitchens and bathrooms are so overrated anyway, am I right?

old bathroom

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