baseball coach talking to players

A Coach’s Plan for Guest Players

Fill in players are a delicate issue and generally not handled well. A few years ago, when our team was transitioning from a team in development to a team that could compete, we found ourselves in a competition against a team we had played evenly earlier in the season. We knew the team well enough to recognize two new faces.
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Chart Your Course to Avoid Crazy

Baseball has been the soundtrack to my life for as long as I can remember. The sounds of the game floated through my Grandmother’s house on a transistor radio. You could hear the sounds of a neighborhood game being played in the streets. Practices and games were their own symphonies.
woman on park bench

Stop the “Mom” Drama

I already know this is going to be a controversial topic. There will be women commenting that it's not them who gossip about other people's kids, other parents on the team, or coaches, and I know it's probably not most moms.
Baseball Shatterproof Sports Ball Ornaments

Baseball Christmas and Hanukkah Decorations

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably like to have baseball decorations for various holidays. There are quite a few baseball Christmas ornaments, lights, and other decorations available for the holidays. Here are a few of the great things I’ve found.